Contest Prep Workout: Preparing For Your First Bodybuilding Show

There is little doubt that prepping for a bodybuilding/physique contest, especially if it is your first time doing so, can seem like quite a daunting task.

After all, there are so many vital “moving parts” necessary for bringing to the stage a shredded, separated, proportioned, symmetrical and muscular body that it is very easy to become seriously confused, overwhelmed – or both.

That is precisely why I am writing this piece for Muscle and Strength!

I want to help decrease the anxiety that often comes with attempting to map out a sensible plan for competition prep.

I myself have competed in over twenty bodybuilding competitions and have worked with 100’s clients all over the globe (novice to pro level – in every division) assisting in their contest preparations for over 25 years.

And while each of us is somewhat unique in the manner we respond to specific diets, workout programs and supplement regimens, I have been able to lock down a rather “universally effective,” sensible, efficient and healthy “foundation” protocol that will help just about anyone hit the stage with the kind of physique that will definitely grab the judges attention!


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